Monday, October 10, 2011


Insular Square will soon rise in Basak, Mandaue City, Cebu.  For many months now, construction has been going on at North Road Mandaue on the corner just right outside the Hermag Village.  At first construction of the Insular Square has been concealed to the public and i thought there were just minor repairs on the property where I think used to be a rattan factory.  But just this September, tarpaulins were set up in front of the construction site announcing to the public that it will soon be - Insular Square.  
Insular Square, Mandaue Cebu
From the tarps i learned that a grocery will be housed at Insular Square - the Save More Supermarket.  Of course I'm ecstatic.  A supermarket at Insular Square would mean less travel time for our grocery needs.  I was actually thinking if the Insular Square would be much nearer to our home than the Fooda in Consolacion.  But the Insular Square would have greater advantage as it is located near where villages and subdivisions in the Basak and North Area.  Insular Square is also right along the main highway.  What a great location indeed.  From the tarps also I figured out that Insular Square would house restaurants and food outlets.  I tried visiting the website of Insular Square at  But so far not much information could be gathered there.  Insular Square is about a hundred meters away from the McDonald's, North Road Branch and is also a few meters away from the Basak Elementary School as well as the Our Lady of Fatima Parish Church. 
Insular Square, Mandaue Cebu
I am excited for the completion of Insular Square as this would mean a new hang-out place for Northerners like me.  I could just ride a bike or take a stroll or ride a tricycle or jeep to reach Insular Square.  I think Insular Square would be completed by December or maybe even earlier, just in time for the Christmas holidays.  I am pretty sure insular Square would soon have famous food and commercial outlets where one can tambay and chillax.  Insular Square has a big parking space as can be seen from the hi-way.  Accessibility would perhaps be the greatest advantage Insular Square would provide its customers from this side of Cebu.

Insular Square is a thing to watch out for, not only for Northerners like me but for every Cebuano who wants to experience something new.

So Paabot ta bai sa Insular Square sa Mandaue, Cebu! 

Hapit na!
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