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It sounds like a sumptuous gastronomic extravaganza in Cebu but its not.  EATOF stands for East Asia Inter-Regional Tourism Forum.  EATOF [East Asia Inter-Regional Tourism Forum] is a forum seeking to promote inter-regional cooperation mainly in the tourism industry in Asia, particularly among its twelve member Asian nations.  The 12th EATOF [East Asia Inter-Regional Tourism Forum] kicked off yesterday at the Cebu International Convention Center at Mandaue City, Cebu.  Governor Gwendolyn Garcia welcomed the foreign dignitaries joining this year's EATOF [East Asia Inter-Regional Tourism Forum].       
Photo from EATOF
The 12th EATOF [East Asia Inter-Regional Tourism Forum] theme is "The New Decade of Enduring Cooperation and Partnership".  This year's EATOF [East
Asia Inter-Regional Tourism Forum] will be a three day event beginning September 14 until September 16.  EATOF [East Asia Inter-Regional Tourism Forum] this year will feature a Trade Tourism and an Investment Forum. 

EATOF [East Asia Inter-Regional Tourism Forum] is one of East Asia's biggest gathering of stakeholders in the tourism industry.  EATOF [East Asia Inter-Regional Tourism Forum] was organized in South Korea in the year 1999 with the first EATOF [East Asia Inter-Regional Tourism Forum] in the year 2000 at Gangwon, South Korea.  The EATOF [East Asia Inter-Regional Tourism Forum] member nations are 
Gangwon, Korea 
Jilin, China 
Primorsky Territory in Russia 
Tottori Prefecture in Japan 
Tuv, Mongolia 
Cebu, Philippines
Chang Mai , Thailand 
Luang Prabang, Laos 
Quang Ninh, Vietnam 
Sarawak, Malaysia 
Seam Reap, Cambodia 
Yogyakarta, Indonesia. 

Out of the twelve member provinces, ten attended this year's EATOF [East Asia Inter-Regional Tourism Forum].  Some of the foreign heads, governors, members or representatives and tourism officials present at yesterday's opening and start of the EATOF [East Asia Inter-Regional Tourism Forum] were;  

     Hon. Moonson Choi of Gangwon, South Korea
     Hon. Enkhbat Tsedevdorj of Tuv, Mongolia
     H.E. Bun Tharith, Deputy Governor of Siem Reap, Cambodia
     Gao Fei, Deputy-Director General, Jilin Provincial Tourism Admin., China
     Delegation from Luang Prabang, Laos
     Delegation from Quang Ninh, Vietnam
     Representative from Japan
An Exhibit called Travelmart was opened at yesterday's EATOF [East Asia Inter-Regional Tourism Forum] opening which featured the various tourist attractions of the member provinces.  The Travelmart exhibit will be open to the public by September 16, 2011.  There will also be an Interactive Socialized Business Matching at this year's  EATOF [East Asia Inter-Regional Tourism Forum].

Cebu's famous products were also displayed at the  EATOF [East Asia Inter-Regional Tourism Forum] in Cebu International Convention Center.

I believed Cebu's hosting of this year's  EATOF [East Asia Inter-Regional Tourism Forum] will yield greater rewards for Cebu and the EATOF members in general.   I really salute Governor Gwendolyn Garcia for all she has done in making Cebu a big if not a giant Tourism player in Cebu and in Asia.  Cebu will soon reap the fruits of what she has sown.  So suporta ta bai. Let us all make Cebu a better place for us to live even in our own little ways.  Small things like following the segregation policy in our garbage collection, not throwing our trash anywhere, helping tourists get correctly and safely to their destination among others.

Just be involved bai, 'coz Cebu is on its way - UP.

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