Thursday, September 15, 2011

Davis Cup Asia-Oceania Zone Group 1 2011 2nd Round Playoff in CEBU

I just had my fill of the 2011 US Open last weekend, its stories of triumphs and defeats, top seeded personalities crashing out early, upsets in the women's draw and this one is hard to take - the 6th straight loss of Rafael Nadal to Djokovic.  Yup, I am a tennis fan and a RAFA fan indeed.  But hey check this out bai's.  The Davis Cup Asia-Oceania Zone Group 1 2011 2nd Round Playoff will once again be played here in Cebu.  The first match will be played today, September 16 and the Davis Cup Asia-Oceania Zone Group 1 2011 2nd Round Playoff will end on Sunday September 18, 2011.  The venue for the Davis Cup Asia-Oceania Zone Group 1 2011 2nd Round Playoff is once again the Plantation Bay Hotel and Resort in Lapu-Lapu City, Mactan Island, Cebu.

The team captain Cecil Mamiit heads the Philippine team against the team from Chinese-Taipei.  Cebuanos have witnessed his heroic efforts the last time
he played here and hopefully we'll see more of that.  Other members of the Philippine Team are Treat Huey, who played doubles in the 2011 US Open and he'll be playing the 2nd singles match.  The doubles matches will be played by Ruben Gonzales and Jeson Petrombon tomorrow.  The Reverse Singles Match will be played on Sunday.

The Davis Cup being played here in Cebu is actually a great way of promoting tennis here in Cebu and the country as well.  After the much hyped soccer promotion which may take years until we could see results, tennis could actually be a sport where we Filipinos could excel because it does not require much height.  So it's laudable what Mayor Paz Radaza of Lapu-lapu City will be doing which is to promote tennis as one of its grassroots sports program.   I hope we all have a tennis boom soon in the Philippines.  I hope good-looking tennis players will come out and help promote tennis just like the soccer craze has caught up with so many Filipinos because of the famous and good-looking Younghusband brothers.  The next thing they need is sponsors who can get them on TV ads and prints.  Yes, i'm not joking.  I hope the government officials will put up more public tennis courts because that is the main reason why people are discouraged to play tennis because there is not much affordable venue available, unless you are a member of some prestigious sports club or lived in rich subdivisions or prestigious universities.  Okay, we really have a long way to go, but we never lack of great talents, specially here in Cebu so manengkamot ta bai ug suporta ta sa ato mga tennis players.  

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