Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rainforest Park Cebu Now Open

Cebu here's the latest destination in town - the Rainforest Park Cebu.  Today, August 18, 2011 is the opening of the Rainforest Park Cebu at the Ayala Access Road, Panagda-it Mabolo, Cebu City [in front of CIE].  Rainforest Park Cebu according to its Facebook Page is the first of its kind in Cebu.  Rainforest Park Cebu is a well-thought unique concept that encloses an inspired mix of entertainment, adventure, recreation, leisure, educational, dining and unwinding for the entire family.  
Photo from Rainforest Park Cebu -Facebook Page
Looking at the pictures of the Rainforest Park Cebu, I'm sure this will be one exciting place to be at.  Try checking Rainforest Park Cebu on their Facebook Page to know more about them.  Just search for Rainforest Park Cebu and click
the Like Button, so you can see the pictures of the Rainforest Park Cebu.  The Rainforest Park Cebu has no entrance fee but if you want to avail of the Jungle Adventure the fee is at P250 per hour per person.

The Rainforest Park Cebu is surely one exciting destination I gotta try.  The Rainforest Park Cebu is located strategically just a distance away from the Cebu Business Park, right in the heart of the Cebu City.  No need to go far away South or North to enjoy the weekends or have some relaxation or fun during the week.  The Rainforest Park Cebu will definitely be a place where friends could do meet-ups, bond, hang-out or just chill.  But i am particularly intrigued by its name - Rainforest Park, so will I expect more hues of green on this place? I hope it does, so better check this place out the soonest.

For more updates on Rainforest Park Cebu, follow them on twitter - Rainforest Park Cebu or email them at

Contact Numbers of Rainforest Park Cebu;
032-239-0350, 032-516-8069, 032-239-0350, 032-2663246

Adto ta bai!


Travelling Writer said...

didto mi pag sabado... ga-expect mi nga naa zoo then wa man diay! bwahehe... nangape nalang mi sa ila zoofari cafe... :)

Bai Rai said...

Travelling Writer - mao ba bai? hehehe wapa pud ko chance to check out the place, maybe next week ky long holiday hehehe. betaw no? they should put maski gamay nga animals seguro to get the jungle feel hehehe but at least naay fish LOL

Travelling Writer said...

haha... ingon sila nga next month pa mo-open ila aquarium-inspired nga kan-anan then wa pay schedule when mo-open ila aviary! more on adventure pa sila karon then naa sila spa then kan-an pud!! c",)

Bai Rai said...

hmm mao ba? its good you told me that, so next month nalang ko adto para ma usa ra ako experience didto hehehe thanks bai

Anonymous said...

Pilay entrance fee?

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