Monday, July 18, 2011

iPod: How to maximize your iPod

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If you don't know what these things are, then maybe you're not living in the 21st century.  Just kidding.  I don't even own one of these.  But it's definitely on my wishlist.  It would come in handy when travelling and while waiting for the next bus or plane.  An iPod is a portable device for storing and playing audio files and has now evolved to include playing movies and storing photos among other functions.  The introduction of iPod a few years ago has revolutionized the music player industry and now has almost become a daily part of an urbanized living. 

People buy an iPod because it is easy to use as it works with a computer so that you can import music and organize your songs and photos. These files are then transferred to your iPod so that you can listen to them and view them wherever you go.  But an iPod is so much more than just that.  Some of the incredible things that you can do with your iPod include:
  • iPods can store up to thousands of songs from your private music collection so that you can listen to them wherever you want to take them.
  • iPods can store up to thousands of digital photos. This is ideal for viewing  whenever you want as well as for backing up your digital photos until you  can transfer them to your computer.
  • An iPod can import photos from your digital camera by using the iPod Camera Connector. This is ideal for when you are traveling and your digital camera care is full.
  • iPods can allow you to look at your photos through a slideshow. You can add music to the slideshow and view it on your television.
  • iPods can make you listen to audiobooks. 
  • iPods allows you to create On-The-Go playlists. Playlists are great for  arranged music that you want to listen to at a certain place and time, such as a work-out playlist for working out at the gym.
  • iPods can serve as your external hard drive. This is great of storing files or backing up data.
  • You can change the equalizer settings on your iPod to make your music sound as great as possible.
  • You can store all of your contact information on an iPod and synchronize it to your calendar.
  • With an iPod you can record your own voice memos. This is done by purchasing an optional microphone.
  • You can play games on an iPod.
To help you use your iPod to its full potential here is an e-book entitled "iPod Maximizer".

With iPod Maximizer, you can learn how to "maximize" the use of your iPod.  It will guide you to the basics in using your iPod as well as explore your iPod so that your iPod experience will be more than just storing and playing music.
For just $10, you'll learn to use iPod for more than it's worth. 

Get it now!

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