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Hinatdan Festival, Ginatilan, Cebu

Last March 11, 2011, the town of Ginatilan, Cebu held the Hinatdan Festival, their official cultural Festival in honor of its patron saint – St. Gregory the Great.  The word "Hinatdan" is taken from an old Cebuano root word "Hatod" meaning to send and "Hinatdan" means an act of sending something. Ginatilan was once a barrio of the town of Samboan, the main seat of the Roman Catholic Parish.  Since the barrio had a lot of parishioners, the main parish of Samboan had extended its religious activities and services for the people's convenience by asssigning a Spanish priest in the area. Due to the problem of supplies and materials for the priest's religious services in the barrio, ecclesiatical things like priest's vestments, church garments, religious items and even his means of subsistence were often sent to him from Samboan to the barrio.  As the parishioners would say "Ang among pari, hinatdan gyud na siya sa iyang kagamitan ug mga kinahanglanon aron motonhay ang iyang pag-alagad sa Dios ug mga barriohanon." 
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Since that time the barrio folks always remember the place as "Hinatdan" because they often see that things had been sent to the priest.  One folk would ask "Asa ka moadto?" and it was being answered "Moadto ko sa Hinatdan" meaning the place where things  were being sent to the priest.  In the lapse of time, "Hinatdan" became a popular name of the barrio.  As the years go by, the name "Hinatdan" evolved to become "Ginatilan" today.  In the making of a cultural festival of Ginatilan at present, "Hinatdan" was rightfully chosen as the name of the festival because of its historical and religious value. 
"Hinatdan" can be considered as the general term, an act of progress and development.  "Hinatdan" is an act of good service to God and to the Community.  It is a festival of history, a festival of arts and culture of Ginatilanon and a festival of life. 
Hinatdan Festival,(photo from )
The Hinatdan Festival was launched in the town of Ginatilan last March 2007.  The Hinatdan Festival contingents were represented by the different schools and barangays of Ginatilan.  The pounding beats of the drums, the shrilling sounds of the trumphets, lyre, bamboos and other idiophonic sound materials accompanied the performers during the street dancing and grand showdown presentations.

The Hinatdan Festival contingents made use of appropriate rural costumes accentuated by indigenous materials and a touch of creative designs to modernity, appropriate props and sets.  The concept and production presentation were focused firstly on the historical accounts of Hinatdan followed by significant and relevant cultural accounts before and today presented through the acts of bringing and sending Ginatilan products during the presentation and the cultural dancing routines suited to local aspects. 
The Municipality of Ginatilan, one of the 15 municipalities in the 2nd congressional district of the Province of Cebu, is located in the southwestern part of Cebu.

Ginatilan, for its part, has several potential tourist attractions.  Inambakan Falls, located at Barangay Calabawan, offered a good site for nature lovers.  The municipality's rugged and mountainous terrain is also a good spot for mountain trekkers.  Ginatilan is also a good alternative for Bais City as starting destination for whale watching along Tañon Strait.  Barangay Palanas, located at the southern part of Barangay San Roque, is also a good beach destination of the municipality.  There are also few historical and cultural sites in the area, notably old hispanic houses, church and an old fort.

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