Thursday, June 30, 2011

1st CEBU PWD (Persons with Disabilities) MONTH

July is the 1st Cebu PWD Month.  PWD stands for Persons with Disabilities.  The Province of Cebu together with Governor Gwen Garcia, Vice Governor Agnes Magpale and Board member Arleigh Sitoy, has set aside the whole month of July as Cebu's First ever PWD month  with the theme "Katungod sa Pagpakabuhi. Katungod sa Kinabuhi."  (Right to Live. Right to Life)

From 1st Cebu PWD Month Facebook Page
This is such a commendable effort by the Provincial Government worthy of emulation by other local government units.  This shows the whole world that Cebu cares for people with disabilities and that Cebu is a PWD-friendly place.  I do hope this transforms to more concrete efforts to care for these persons like providing them easy access to transportation and major buildings in Cebu. 

Various activities noteworthy of attendance are being lined up for this month.

July 1 Fri    - Parade and Kick-Off Ceremonies at Mandaue City Hall Grounds
July 2 Sat   - Cebu Paralympics at Cebu City Sports Complex
July 8 Fri    - PWD Blood-letting Day at Mandaue City Health Office
July 9 Sat   - Paralympics at Cebu City Sports Complex
July 15 Fri   - Awareness Campaign, 
                   Magna Carta for Disabled persons and Disability Law
July 16 Sat  - Board Games at Cebu City Sports Complex
July 23 Sat  - PWD Health Day / Medical Mission
                   at Mandaue Sports Complex
July 27 Wed - Awareness Campaign for Parents of CWD or
                    Children with Disabilities
July 29 Fri    - PWD Got Talent Grand Finals and Closing Ceremonies
                    at Mandaue City Sports Complex
July 30        - PWD Viewing of CPDRC Dancing Inmates

I highly laud the organizers for coming up with such event.  I do hope this be made as a Province-Wide celebration next year and the awareness campaigns be also done in schools.

But this is such a noble undertaking and i am just amazed.  I am not a PWD but i highly appreciate what is being done for them.  I hope more PWD's in Cebu will be made to aware of this event so that they can participate in the activities being lined up for them.

Congrats to the Sponsors - City of Mandaue, Cebu City Sports center, Nature's Spring, IPI and Bureau of Customs Port of Cebu and to the Province of Cebu.

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