Sunday, December 18, 2011

Uncle Sam's Flying Circus in Cebu

Uncle Sam's Flying Circus will come to Cebu City on January 4 to 8 next year for the most breath-taking aerial show to be seen in the city.  It will be the most anticipated event for the coming new year for kids and families just in time for the holiday season and the Sinulog festivities.
Photo from Uncle-Sams-Flying-Circus-in-CEBU Facebook
Uncle Sam's Flying Circus will perform at the Cebu Coliseum on January 4-5, 2012 at 5 in the afternoon and at 7:30 in the evening.  Prices of the tickets of the Uncle Sam's Flying Circus is at P1,200, P800, P600, P400, P200 and P100.

On January 6, 7 and 8, Uncle Sam's Flying Circus will perform at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino.Uncle Sam's Flying Circus will have two shows on these dates at 4:30 PM and the other one at 7:00 PM.  Ticket Prices to the Uncle Sam's Flying Circus at the Waterfront is at P2,400, P1,800, P1,200, P1,000 and P600.

If you want to see the Uncle Sam's Flying Circus, get your tickets at the Waterfront Lahug Lobby, Cebu Coliseum,  Ayala Center Customer Service and at SM Customer Service.

For more information Like Uncle Sam's Flying Circus in Facebook.  

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Trees of Hope at SM City Cebu

It's a magical Christmas at SM City Cebu with attractions like the gigantic Christmas Trees, The Christmas Village of Hope and the Christmas Trees of Hope.  The Christmas Trees of Hope is for the benefit of the Cebu City Task Force on Street Children (CCTFSC), which is an alliance of non-government and government organizations working to protect the rights of children in Cebu City.  

The Christmas Trees of Hope is located at the Northwing Atrium of SM City Cebu just before the gigantic arc or canopy of curtain found on the same site.  For every P500 donation you give, your name will be written on the Christmas balls provided which will then hanged on the Christmas Trees of Hope.  With your every donation, a candle of hope is lit for the street children in Cebu City.  Kudos to SM City Cebu and the Cebu City Task Force on Street Children (CCTFSC) for conceptualizing such an endeavor.  Indeed it will be a hopeful Christmas for everyone and what a great opportunity for the shoppers to make a difference not just for themselves this Christmas but also for the street children of Cebu. 

If you would like to donate, just approach any CCTFSC personnel at the registration area at the SM City Cebu Northwing Atrium and fill out a form.

Your donations will be used by the Cebu City Task Force on Street Children (CCTFSC) for advocacies such as education, skills training, health, values formation, early child care and development, nutrition, recovery, psycho-social interventions and legal assistance to the children. 

The Christmas Trees of Hope will be on display at SM City Cebu until January 2, 2012.

Adto nata bai ug share your blessings!

Christmas Village of Hope at SM City Cebu

Have you been to SM City Cebu lately?  Then surely you haven't miss the humongous Christmas Village of Hope at the Northwing Atrium of SM City Cebu.  The Christmas Village of Hope features miniature houses, cars and trains in a winter setting with all the snows and conifer trees.  It is a joy to behold for the kids and the young at heart.  I went there last November 27 and I was shocked by the size of the Christmas Village.  Many gathered around the village which was enclosed in glass on the sides for protection.  The Christmas Village of hope was swarmed with clicks and flashes from all the mall goers wanting to have a piece of it in their photos.  Of course I couldn't let the chance pass me by, as i roam every angle of the Christmas Village wanting to take a decent shot.  At least the Christmas Village of Hope compensates for the not-so visually appealing Christmas trees at Northwing this year.

I thought the Christmas Village of Hope was just a promotional gimmick by SM City to entice shoppers to the mall, But I learned that the Christmas Village of Hope was for the benefit of over 30 children with cancer under the Kythe Foundation.  

Everything on the Christmas Village of Hope is actually up for adoption or for sponsorship (except the trees perhaps).  Each house at the Christmas Village of Hope for adoption is worth P5,000 while the train/carriage is worth P20,000.  If you want to adopt or sponsor one, there is a table beside the display where you can approach someone and choose the house you want to adopt.  You can also do this on Facebook - CHRISTMAS HOPE.  There are actually over 400 miniature houses, buildings and other accents at the Christmas Village of Hope.  Now I know why the Christmas Village of Hope exudes a ton of positivity.

I have learned that the proceeds of the Christmas Village of Hope will be used to fund the expenses for the young cancer patients which amounts to P5,000 a month or per treatment.  Indeed it is a Christmas Village filled with hope for these kids with cancer.  

We have to thank Clayton and Juji Tugonon and SM City Cebu for making the Christmas Village of Hope indeed a sheer display of hope and inspiration this Christmas season.  The Tugonon's owns the Christmas Village of Hope, which they started collecting 18 years ago.

The Christmas Village of hope will be on display at SM City Cebu until January 2, 2012, but i do hope they extend it until after the Sinulog festivities so more people can appreciate it and give their help.

Surely the Christmas Village of hope has given so much joy to the children who visits the mall with their parents. I heard one saying "Mom i want those trains!" Who could resist such beautiful moving trains?

And I heard another kid crying "Dad i wanna ride that boat!" Hmmm that seems to be an enormous task for a father. Better fill up those pockets and get one at Toy Kingdom, I suggest.

With all the hope and joy displayed through the Christmas Village of Hope, it is indeed a Magical Christmas at SM City Cebu.

So adto nata bai and be a cheerful giver!

Friday, November 25, 2011

MV Logos Hope - Floating Book Fair in Cebu in time for Sinulog 2012

MV Logos Hope, the sister ship of MV Doulos will come to Cebu this January 2012, just in time for the Sinulog celebrations and it will stay here until Valentines Day. 
Photo from
It will be the first visit of MV Logos Hope in Cebu City.  The MV Logos Hope brings to Cebu a floating book fair offering about 5,000 titles.  I have been to MV Doulos on numerous occasions so MV Logos Hope would certainly be exciting on its maiden visit to Cebu net year.

OMS Ships International is the organization behind MV Logos Hope, whose goal (according to their website) is to bring knowledge, help and hope to the people of the world by supplying important literature resources, encouraging cross-cultural understanding , training young people for more effective life and service, providing needed relief and sharing a message of hope in God.

From Cebu City, MV Logos Hope will go to Manila and stay there from February 16, 2012 until March 14, 2012.  Then MV Logos Hope will go to Subic Bay and stay there from March 15 until April 14.  MV Logos Hope will then be drydock from April 4 until June 5.  Then on June 6 until June 25, 2012 MV Logos Hope will dock at Batangas.

For more information about MV Logos Hope check their website at

Thursday, November 24, 2011

CAT RACE - Cebu Against Trafficking Race

On December 11, 2011 will be the CAT Race or Cebu Against Trafficking Race. The Cebu International Convention Center (CICC) at Mandaue City will be the starting point of the CAT Race - Cebu Against Trafficking Race.  The CAT Race - Cebu Against Trafficking Race is held in celebration of the International Anti-Trafficking Day.
Photo from CAT Race - Cebu Against Trafficking Race
There are three different categories for the CAT Race - Cebu Against Trafficking Race namely;
     CAT Race - Cebu Against Trafficking Race 3K
     CAT Race - Cebu Against Trafficking Race 7K
     CAT Race - Cebu Against Trafficking Race 15K

The Assembly Time for the CAT Race - Cebu Against Trafficking Race is at 4:00 am and Gun Start is at 5:00 am.

Prizes for the CAT Race - Cebu Against Trafficking Race are as follows;
    CAT Race - Cebu Against Trafficking Race 3K
         1st Place - P2,000
         2nd Place - P1,500
         3rd Place - P1,000

    CAT Race - Cebu Against Trafficking Race 7K
         1st Place - P3,000
         2nd Place - P2,000
         3rd Place - P1,000

    CAT Race - Cebu Against Trafficking Race 15K
         1st Place - P5,000
         2nd Place - P3,000
         3rd Place - P2,000

There are more exciting raffle prizes and gift packs at the CAT Race - Cebu Against Trafficking Race starting and ending place.

If you are interested to join the CAT Race - Cebu Against Trafficking Race, you may do so at the Cebu City Sports Center, Cebu City Hall, Mandaue City Hall, Lapu-lapu City Hall and at RUNNR at Ayala Center Cebu.  

Registration Fee for the CAT Race - Cebu Against Trafficking Race is only P250.00 which includes dri-fit running shirt, race bib and snacks.

For more information regarding the CAT Race - Cebu Against Trafficking Race please visit CAT Race - Cebu Against Trafficking Race on Facebook.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Insular Square will soon rise in Basak, Mandaue City, Cebu.  For many months now, construction has been going on at North Road Mandaue on the corner just right outside the Hermag Village.  At first construction of the Insular Square has been concealed to the public and i thought there were just minor repairs on the property where I think used to be a rattan factory.  But just this September, tarpaulins were set up in front of the construction site announcing to the public that it will soon be - Insular Square.  
Insular Square, Mandaue Cebu
From the tarps i learned that a grocery will be housed at Insular Square - the Save More Supermarket.  Of course I'm ecstatic.  A supermarket at Insular Square would mean less travel time for our grocery needs.  I was actually thinking if the Insular Square would be much nearer to our home than the Fooda in Consolacion.  But the Insular Square would have greater advantage as it is located near where villages and subdivisions in the Basak and North Area.  Insular Square is also right along the main highway.  What a great location indeed.  From the tarps also I figured out that Insular Square would house restaurants and food outlets.  I tried visiting the website of Insular Square at  But so far not much information could be gathered there.  Insular Square is about a hundred meters away from the McDonald's, North Road Branch and is also a few meters away from the Basak Elementary School as well as the Our Lady of Fatima Parish Church. 
Insular Square, Mandaue Cebu
I am excited for the completion of Insular Square as this would mean a new hang-out place for Northerners like me.  I could just ride a bike or take a stroll or ride a tricycle or jeep to reach Insular Square.  I think Insular Square would be completed by December or maybe even earlier, just in time for the Christmas holidays.  I am pretty sure insular Square would soon have famous food and commercial outlets where one can tambay and chillax.  Insular Square has a big parking space as can be seen from the hi-way.  Accessibility would perhaps be the greatest advantage Insular Square would provide its customers from this side of Cebu.

Insular Square is a thing to watch out for, not only for Northerners like me but for every Cebuano who wants to experience something new.

So Paabot ta bai sa Insular Square sa Mandaue, Cebu! 

Hapit na!

Monday, September 19, 2011


The Worldwide Photo Walk by the world renown photographer Scott Kelby will be holding its 4th edition of the Worldwide Photo Walk on October 1 and 2, 2011.  The Worldwide Photo Walk is an international social photography event where photographers meet together in a certain area or section of a locality to walk around, shoot photos and generally have fun with other photographers.  
photo from ScottKelby Worldwide Photo Walk on Facebook
The Worldwide Photo Walk is a free event and all you've got to do is find a Photo Walk near your location.  Go to this site to look for a Worldwide Photo

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Bai here's a very unique and timely race this coming October 28, 2011 - The SPOOKTACULAR RACE: Run For Your Life.  A very relevant race in time for the Halloween.  The Spooktacular Race: Run For Your Life might just be the avenue to do something different this coming Halloween, aside from the usual Halloween parties.  
Photo from Sun.Star Cebu page B6 9-14-11
I guess this would be a great time to gather your families and barkadas and have an early  freaky blast and dash for the Halloween celebrations which has become common nowadays to the Filipino lifestyle.  And with all the Running craze in Cebu the Spooktacular Race: Run For Your Life would somehow deviate

Davis Cup Asia-Oceania Zone Group 1 2011 2nd Round Playoff in CEBU

I just had my fill of the 2011 US Open last weekend, its stories of triumphs and defeats, top seeded personalities crashing out early, upsets in the women's draw and this one is hard to take - the 6th straight loss of Rafael Nadal to Djokovic.  Yup, I am a tennis fan and a RAFA fan indeed.  But hey check this out bai's.  The Davis Cup Asia-Oceania Zone Group 1 2011 2nd Round Playoff will once again be played here in Cebu.  The first match will be played today, September 16 and the Davis Cup Asia-Oceania Zone Group 1 2011 2nd Round Playoff will end on Sunday September 18, 2011.  The venue for the Davis Cup Asia-Oceania Zone Group 1 2011 2nd Round Playoff is once again the Plantation Bay Hotel and Resort in Lapu-Lapu City, Mactan Island, Cebu.

The team captain Cecil Mamiit heads the Philippine team against the team from Chinese-Taipei.  Cebuanos have witnessed his heroic efforts the last time

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


It sounds like a sumptuous gastronomic extravaganza in Cebu but its not.  EATOF stands for East Asia Inter-Regional Tourism Forum.  EATOF [East Asia Inter-Regional Tourism Forum] is a forum seeking to promote inter-regional cooperation mainly in the tourism industry in Asia, particularly among its twelve member Asian nations.  The 12th EATOF [East Asia Inter-Regional Tourism Forum] kicked off yesterday at the Cebu International Convention Center at Mandaue City, Cebu.  Governor Gwendolyn Garcia welcomed the foreign dignitaries joining this year's EATOF [East Asia Inter-Regional Tourism Forum].       
Photo from EATOF
The 12th EATOF [East Asia Inter-Regional Tourism Forum] theme is "The New Decade of Enduring Cooperation and Partnership".  This year's EATOF [East

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Islands Stay Hotels: Charming Cebu in Orange Hues

The Islands Stay Hotels opened in Cebu only about two months ago and is now rising and charming its way to Cebu's foreign and domestic tourists in orange hues [literally].  The Islands name which has become Cebu's byword [thanks to the famous Islands Souvenirs brand], with its logo in bright orange and bright green hues, is now carried on to the Islands Stays Hotels making it the most chic and modern looking hotel in Cebu to date.  
Photo from: facebook page
Islands Stay Hotels is not only a chic hotel but also a value hotel modeled

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earth Run 2011

Bai there's another cause-oriented run in place in Cebu this December 2011 - the Earth Run 2011.  The  Earth Run 2011 is actually a nationwide running event.  This year's edition of Earth Run will have three different legs in Manila, Cebu and Davao.  The Earth Run - Manila leg will be on August 28, 2011 at the Bonifacio City Global Grounds. The Earth Run Davao leg will be on October 09, 2011 and the Earth Run Cebu Leg will be on December 11, 2011.
Photo from:
Solar Entertainment Network is the main sponsor of the Earth Run, with its three banner channels 2nd Avenue, Jack TV and ETC headlining each leg of the

Run for 100% Smoke-Free Environment

The Run for 100% Smoke-Free Environment at Talisay City, Cebu should wow environmentalists and the health conscious Cebuanos.  I certainly applaud the organizers for such an endeavor as to have a running event to champion a worthy cause of having a Smoking -Free Environment.  The Run for 100% Smoke-Free Environment at Talisay City will be this coming August 28, 2011.
Photo from: CebuRunning
The Run for 100% Smoke-Free Environment will have the following categories:

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Osmeña Run Ta Bai! - Don Sergio Osmeña Sr. Run 2011

On September 9, 2011 Cebu will celebrate the 133rd Birth Anniversay of Don Sergio Osmeña Sr. with the oldest running event in Cebu City - the Don Sergio Osmeña Sr. Run or simply known as the Osmeña Run.  The Don Sergio Osmeña Sr Run [Osmeña Run] is on its 16th year now, thus the moniker as the oldest running event in Cebu.  Cebuanos full participation in the Don Sergio Osmeña Sr. Run [Osmeña Run] would be a fitting tribute to one of the most great leader Cebu and the Philippines has ever had.
Portrait of Don Sergio Osmeña Sr. at CAP Bldg.
The Osmeña Run will start at the Lapu-lapu Street near the Cebu City Hall and

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rainforest Park Cebu Now Open

Cebu here's the latest destination in town - the Rainforest Park Cebu.  Today, August 18, 2011 is the opening of the Rainforest Park Cebu at the Ayala Access Road, Panagda-it Mabolo, Cebu City [in front of CIE].  Rainforest Park Cebu according to its Facebook Page is the first of its kind in Cebu.  Rainforest Park Cebu is a well-thought unique concept that encloses an inspired mix of entertainment, adventure, recreation, leisure, educational, dining and unwinding for the entire family.  
Photo from Rainforest Park Cebu -Facebook Page
Looking at the pictures of the Rainforest Park Cebu, I'm sure this will be one exciting place to be at.  Try checking Rainforest Park Cebu on their Facebook Page to know more about them.  Just search for Rainforest Park Cebu and click

Monday, August 15, 2011

All-4-One and Color Me Badd Concert in Cebu

This September 9, 2011, All-4-One and Color Me Badd, two of the world's favorite R & B groups in the 90's will come to Cebu City for a one night concert.  All-4-One and Color Me Badd will perform at the Pacific Grand Ballroom of the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino at 8 in the evening.
Photo from

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Fairly OddParents Coming to Cebu

Cebuanos prepare to have a fairly odd blast on September 16 to 18, 2011 at the Ayala Center Cebu as the Fairly OddParents will fly to town.  
photo from

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Camella Homes Carcar -1st ADVENTURE RUN: Dagan sa Pertuval

This August 14, 2011 is the First Adventure Run presented by Camella Homes Carcar, Cebu.  The Camella Carcar 1st Adventure Run: Dagan sa Pertuval will have the following categories; 10k, 5k and 3k.  Gunstart for the 1st Adventure Run will be at 5:30 in the morning at the Acacia Grill, Carcar then towards the Pertuval Eco Trail.  The Camella Carcar 1st Adventure Run: Dagan sa Pertuval will have the theme - "Pagpakabana sa kinaiyahan alang sa maayong panglawas" (Go outdoors and Run For Your Life).

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Warrior 50: "Run Hard, Party Harder"

After the successful staging of the Kawasan Falls Marathon last July 24, 2011, Cebuanos and Bisdaks brace for another long distance running with the - Warrior 50: Run Hard, Party Harder.  Unlike the Kawasan Falls Marathon whose distance was up to 42k, The Warrior 50 "Run Hard, Party Harder" event distance will reached up to 50K.  Organized by the frontRUNNER Magazine and presented by the BE Resorts, Mactan, the The Warrior 50 "Run Hard, Party Harder" will be on September 10, 2011, 5am at Lapu-lapu City, Cebu.
Photo from: 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Macahambus Cave @ Cagayan de Oro

I finally had the chance to visit the Macahambus Cave at Cagayan de Oro last week as one of our stops in an 18 hour travel to the famous spots in Cagayan de Oro. 
Macahambus Cave, Cagayan de Oro City
It was raining when we went to the Macahambus Cave as there was an

Hotels and Accommodation in Cebu Philippines

Cebu Hotels and Inns
Cebu Hotels and Inns
Here are some of the list of hotels, inns, pension houses and other accommodations that might suit you when you stay here in Cebu.  This list may be updated from time to time.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

One Cebu Expo, Creatively Cebu!

One Cebu Expo is a showcase of world class products which are creatively Cebu.  It will run from August 5 to 15, 2011 at the Cebu International Convention Center at the Mandaue City Reclamation Area.  
Photo Scanned from Sun-Star Cebu

Monday, July 25, 2011

Cebu to Witness RUSSIAN Music and Culture in "ROSSIYA"

It has been 35 years since the diplomatic relationship of Russia and the Philippines began.  To cap this celebration an ensemble of soloists from the State Academic Russian National Ensemble will perform in a show called "ROSSIYA".  This commemorative event is held together with the Days of Russian Culture in the Philippines celebrations.  The ROSSIYA will be held on July 26 at 6pm at the Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP).  The ROSSIYA will also be performed at the Cebu Provincial Capitol on July 29, 2011 at 6 pm.  ROSSIYA will also be witnessed by shoppers and mall-goers at the Ayala Center Cebu on July 30, 2011 at 1 to 2 pm. 
Photo by quinn.anya
The ROSSIYA is presented to us by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCAA) and the ministry of Culture of Russia, with the Embassy of Russia in Manila, The Honorary Consulate of Russia in Cebu and the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP).

The Story of Human Trafficking: Photo Exhibit by International Justice Mission

A photo exhibit that aims to raise awareness against human trafficking will be held at the AVR of St. Theresa's College (STC) along Gen. Maxilom Avenue, Cebu City  on July 25 until July 29, 2011.  The photo exhibit on human trafficking will be open to the public at 9 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon.  
Photo by Leonard John Matthews
The International Justice Mission (IJM) hosted this photo exhibit on human trafficking to make people aware that human trafficking is offensive and damaging to one's dignity specially to children who are mostly the victims of this immoral action.  The International Justice Mission through this photo exhibit on human trafficking also aims to encourage people to do their share in helping out end human trafficking.  Human Trafficking  often result to other unlawful actions such as cybersex, sexual abuse, child labor and sale of internal organs.  

Mid-Year Bazaar at the I.T. Park

Less than two months from now the "Ber" months will grace the calendars again, then soon bazaars will spruce up the evenings in Cebu City. But as early as now the Ayala Business Club of Cebu Inc. (ABCCI) together with JMF Event Management Solutions will hold a Mid-Year Bazaar at the Asiatown I.T. Park in Lahug, Cebu this coming August 14 until 28, 2011.
Mid-Year Bazaar
(This is not the official ad for this event ,created for visual purposes only)
The Mid-Year Bazaar is for the benefit of the Children's Hour.  The Children's Hour is a non-profit fundraising and grant-giving organization who raises funds by asking kind-hearted individuals and companies to donate at least one hour of their earnings once a year so that these funds may then be deployed to selected projects that help the children in areas like education, food, shelter, protection and total development.  To know more about Children's Hour, visit their site at

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Simply Irresistible Sale at SM City Cebu

This weekend, SM City Cebu has something great in store for Cebu, Bisdaks and its shoppers and guess what? It's simply irresistible!! The biggest sale this July at SM City Cebu dubbed as the "Simply Irresistible Sale". It will be this July 29, 30 and 31, 2011.  
SM City Cebu
Shoppers of SM City Cebu with SM Advantage Cards, Prestige ad BDO Reward Card will have a two-hour special from 10 am to 12 noon where they can have additional 10 percent off on all items when they shop at SM Department Store, Our Home, Toy Kingdom, Kultura, Surplus, Baby Company, Ace Hardware, SM Appliance Center and Adidas.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Philippine M.I.C.E Conference 2011 in Cebu (MICECON 2011)

Cebu brace for the Philippine MICECON 2011 or the Meetings, Incentive, Travel, Conventions, Exhibits / Events Conference.  The PhilMICE Conference 2011 or MICECON 2011 will be held in Cebu after it bested Davao City, Camarines Sur, Bohol, Ilocos and Gen. Santos City.  Last years MICECON was held in Subic.  This years MICECON will be on August 10 to 13, 2011. MICECON 2011 will carry the theme " I Share, You Connect, We Change."
Photo from:
The Philippine MICE Conference (MICECON 2011) is the Philippines main tourism event which caters mainly to the MICE industry, specifically the meetings, incentive, travel, conventions, exhibitions/events market.  The MICECON aims to strengthen and consolidate all the players in the M.I.C.E industry as it provides an ideal avenue for a detailed educational program for all the sectors concerned.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Diabetes Week: Agbayay sa Kahimsug, Healthy Lifestyle 2011

Diabetes Week runs from July 23 to 30, 2011 with the theme "Agbayay sa Kahimsug, Healthy Lifestyle 2011".  Agbayay from the Visayan word agbay meaning to place or lean one's arm on the shoulder of another.  Kahimsug means in good health.   So, the theme of this years Diabetes Week literally means (shoulder to shoulder) Leaning on each other towards good health and healthy living.  We need each others' support to attain good health.  So Sweet Alert Inc in partnership with the Cebu Holdings Inc and the Ayala Center Cebu will bring out a series of activities for the Diabetes Week celebration which will kick off with the opening on July 23 at 3pm at the Ayala Center Cebu.  

J Centre: J Mall rising in Mandaue, Cebu

Cebuanos, Bisdaks and Mandauehanons, here's another reason to get excited! As we will soon witness the unfolding of another shopping destination in Mandaue City, Cebu - the J Mall.  Located within the J Centre - which is the mixed-used development flagship project of the Everjust Realty Development Corp, J Mall is set to open in a few months as the mall component of the J Centre is now 70% completed.
Photo From:

iPod: How to maximize your iPod

Photo by: @cdharrison

If you don't know what these things are, then maybe you're not living in the 21st century.  Just kidding.  I don't even own one of these.  But it's definitely on my wishlist.  It would come in handy when travelling and while waiting for the next bus or plane.  An iPod is a portable device for storing and playing audio files and has now evolved to include playing movies and storing photos among other functions.  The introduction of iPod a few years ago has revolutionized the music player industry and now has almost become a daily part of an urbanized living. 

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Cebuanos and Bisdaks can watch Japanese movies for FREE on August 2 to 7, 2011 at the Ayala Center Cebu  in line with the Japanese Film Festival.  The movies for the Japanese Film Festival will be shown at the Cinema 4 at the Ayala Center Cebu.  The Japanese Film Festival is presented by the Consular Office of Japan in Cebu, Japan Foundation, Manila in cooperation with the Japanese Association Cebu, Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Cebu Inc. and Ayala Center Cebu.
Photo from bazylek100
Here are the titles of the movies and the schedule for the Japanese Film Festival;

Thursday, July 14, 2011

CEBU CITY - ASEAN City of Culture

Cebuanos and Bisdaks, here's another reason to stand tall and proud, as Cebu City is declared as the ASEAN - Association of Southeast Asian Nations City of Culture.  The title being ASEAN's City of Culture is bestowed upon Cebu City in recognition of its creative industries which has gained worldwide prominence.  The designation of Cebu City as ASEAN's City of Culture enhances its image not only as a tourist spot but also as a center for arts, design and culture in Southeast Asia.

Chess Guiness Record attempt for Cebu

I have read from yesterday's news from Sun Star about Cebu's attempt for the Guinness World Record for the largest number of participants in chess tournament on November 19, 2011 at the Cebu City Sports Center.  I was particularly amazed at what i read about chess 'coz i have a long lost deep passion for chess.  I used to play chess with my father and my cousin but when they stop playing because of work, i was left with no one to play with.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Cebuanos, Sugbuanons and tanan Bisdaks! Another marathon event is bared down the line come July 24, 2011 - the Kawasan Falls Marathon.  (The other race is the Y101 Armscor Run, though it's not a full marathon).  The Kawasan Falls Marathon is a full marathon race presented by the ThreeSixty Pharmacy.  

CITE 2011 - Cebu International Travel Expo

This July 21 to 23, 2011 will be the CITE 2011 - Cebu International Travel Expo 2011.  Adto ta bai! (Let us Go) to the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino, the venue of this years CITE (Cebu International Travel Expo).  This is a great opportunity for travel enthusiasts, backpackers, adventure-seekers and travel dreamers like me (hehehe) to join this ultimate travel event in the Visayas.  
Cebu International Travel Expo 2011
I am excited to see this years Cebu International Travel Expo (CITE 2011) because of the Big names, many participants and more famous players in the travel industry who will be participating in the CITE 2011 event.  

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cebu Luxury Hotels

Cebu Luxury Hotels and Resorts

Here is a list of Cebu's famous Luxury Hotels and Resort.  Luxury may have different definitions for each person but certainly these hotels and resorts showcase the best Cebu can offer to the world.  Aside from the price which most locals could not afford, these hotels and resorts offer top notch service and value for your money.  So check them out.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Cebuanos check this out! Another race is in the offing  - the Y101 Fun Run / The ARMSCOR Run.  It will be this coming July 24, 2011 (Sunday) at the Asiatown I.T. Park at 5:00 am.  The organizers dubbed it as the Biggest and The Most Exciting Fun Run Ever! It might be as yet, as some great prizes and cool stuffs are to be awarded for the winners.  Plus there will be some military obstacles along the race, So let's expect some great outdoor fun!

Where to Stay in Cebu on a Budget

Cebu Accommodations
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So you're on a budget? But you always wanted to explore Cebu.  Then it must not stop you from coming to Cebu and experience its beauty.  I suggest going to these inns, hotels and pension houses so you can maximize your visit to Cebu.   I am in no way connected to these establishments.  If you want to try out these places, please contact them directly.  I am also providing my own comments to guide you in choosing your perfect accommodation in Cebu, all these while on a budget.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Eco-Tourist Police Nanumpa Sa Lapu-lapu City

Ako nabasahan ang Hunyo 28, 2011 nga isyu sa Sun Star Superbalita Cebu karong buntaga samtang nanglimpyo ko sa amo sala.  Ug nalipay ko sa ako nahebaw-an nga kapin sa 2000 nga mga bata nga nag eskwela sa mga public elementary ug high school sa siyudad sa Lapu-lapu ang nanumpa isip Eco-tourist Police nga andam mo-abag sa pagpanalipod sa environment nato.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

1st CEBU PWD (Persons with Disabilities) MONTH

July is the 1st Cebu PWD Month.  PWD stands for Persons with Disabilities.  The Province of Cebu together with Governor Gwen Garcia, Vice Governor Agnes Magpale and Board member Arleigh Sitoy, has set aside the whole month of July as Cebu's First ever PWD month  with the theme "Katungod sa Pagpakabuhi. Katungod sa Kinabuhi."  (Right to Live. Right to Life)

Martin Nievera & Sarah Geronimo in Cebu Concert

The Concert King - Martin Nievera and the Pop Princess - Sarah Geronimo will come to Cebu City for a grand concert entitled 'What Love Is".  A one night of great melodies and songs on July 15, 2011 (Friday) at the Pacific Grand Ballroom of the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino.  The show will start at 8 in the evening.

1st Cebu Sonshine Run

This July 03, 2011 will be the 1st Cebu Sonshine Run at the Ayala Terraces, Cebu City.  This event is brought to you by DYAR 765 Sonshine Radio in line with their 5th Anniversary celebration, which also aims to raise funds for the Children's Joy Foundation.  There are actually two races on this day, the other is the 1st Carcar All Terrain Run at Carcar City.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Carcar 1st All Terrain Run: Pasingot sa Kinaiyahan

This weekend is a busy one for all race enthusiasts as the first ever Carcar All Terrain Run  - Pasingot sa Kinaiyahan will be held on July 3, 2011 at Carcar, Cebu. (I said busy as another race is to be held in Ayala Terraces, Cebu City - The 1st Sonshine Run).

Monday, June 27, 2011

Mantayupan Falls, Barili, Cebu

Nestled in the mountains of Barangay Campangga, Barili Cebu is a beautiful reflection of God's creative wonders - the Mantayupan Falls.  
Mantayupan Falls, Campangga, Barili (Cebu, Philippines)

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Attention all Mickey Mouse fans and Disney lovers in CEBU!! Mickey Mouse and his band of friends will come to town on September 23 to 25, 2011 for the Mickey's Music festival.  Presented by Vivre Fort Entertainment Inc. the show will be staged at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino.  
Photo from 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hidden Beach, Aloguinsan, Cebu

Have you not heard? Or have you not known? There is a hidden beach in Aloguinsan, Cebu. 
Hidden Beach, Aloguinsan, Cebu, Philippines
Yes,a hidden beach.  Literally a hidden beach.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Aloguinsan: Bojo River Tour and Bird Watching

We're set for a long weekend after P-noy declared the day after Jose Rizal's birthday a special non working holiday.  So despite the typhoon "Egay" we quickly booked for a Bojo River Tour at Aloguinsan.  We were enticed to the allure of Aloguinsan after so much hype from the local media.  With a limited budget on hand we just can't let this opportunity off our grasp, as we wanted to experience Aloguinsan first hand.
Bojo River, Aloguinsan, Cebu, Philippines

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